Call for Roundtable Presenters: Second Workshop Media and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean

Call for Roundtable Presenters at the CALACS Multidisciplinary Workshops Series

Second Workshop: Media and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean


CALACS will be offering a limited series of multidisciplinary workshops during 2023 which are organized around pressing themes in Latin America and the Caribbean. We envision these workshops as spaces for collaboration, creation, and mentorship. These workshops will replace the in-person 2023 Congress.


Second Workshop:  Media and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean


This workshop is a collaboration incubator where researchers working in different fields and disciplines will learn about each other’s work and discuss collaboration potential across Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. The workshop will feature informal presentations of formal research projects and a round table discussion of convergence and discussion points.

We call on scholars at all stages of their careers working on any aspect of media and politics in Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in this workshop, present their own work and discuss with colleagues from different disciplines about collaboration opportunities. This will be a laidback, non-hierarchical exercise. Presentations can be made in any of CALACS four official languages (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish).

Rather than formal papers, we are calling for research project presentations —10 minutes maximum, strictly enforced— and a willingness to identify and develop collaboration opportunities.


As the workshop coordinator, Julián Durazo Herrmann (UQAM) will identify some convergence points, suggest discussion possibilities and facilitate exchanges amongst participants.


Date: Wednesday August 23, 2023,

Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST

Where:  Zoom Link, TBA


Submit proposals to by July 28 @ 11:59pm.


Presenters will have 10 minutes to present their projects.

All participants must be current CALACS members.

Please renew or become a CALACS member. All information is found on the CALACS website. Visit our website for more information. 


Please note that membership fees are non-refundable and correspond to the calendar year, January 1- December 31. 


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Visit our website for more information.