CALACS membership brings many benefits.

It is also now possible to purchase three-year memberships, so that you do not need to remember to renew as often. We hope you will take advantage of this excellent opportunity!

In addition to the benefits mentioned below, the chance to meet other persons involved in research and study of Latin America and the Caribbean is a prime benefit of these conferences. Members also receive free of charge other publications put out by the Association, such as directories and conference proceedings, which are published occasionally. An e-mail distribution list provides all members who have access to e-mail with periodic information and updates of interest to them.

Please note that membership fees are non-refundable and correspond to the calendar year, January 1- December 31.


Benefits of Membership


Three issues of CALACS Journal

All members receive three issues of the Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies free of charge, mailed to them at their primary address.

Present a paper at Congress!

Membership makes you eligible to present your work at the annual CALACS Congress.


Members are eligible for awards, proposing virtual fora, membership in research groups.

Connect with the community!

Members can manage their profile, submit abstracts and panel proposals, register for other events, webinars and workshops.

Categories of Membership

CALACS membership fees operate on an income-based scale in Canadian dollars:

1 Year Membership
 3 Year Membership

Income over $100,000



Income $75,000-$100,000



Income $50,000-$75,000



Income under $50,000



Latin American and Caribbean Resident (excluding students)



Community Organizer (inside or outside of Canada)



Students (inside or outside of Canada, excluding those enrolled in Global South institutions)



Students (enrolled in Global South institutions)



Institutional Membership



Please note that membership fees are non-refundable.