CALACS Honours Dr. Cristina Rojas as its 2019 Distinguished Fellow

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Cristina Rojas was selected as the recipient of the Association's Distinguished Fellow Award for 2019.

This distinction is conferred to members and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to CALACS and whose actions have contributed to furthering its vision and mission.

Dr. Rojas has shown a deep commitment to CALACS. She served as co-chair of the CALACS Conference Organizing Committee in 2013, and served as President of our Association at various critical periods. In addition, her professional activities have contributed substantially to advance CALACS's mission of providing an infrastructure and forum to support an interdisciplinary, international community of academics, researchers, young scholars, NGOs, Latin American and Caribbean communities and policy makers in Canada and beyond. In particular, Dr. Rojas contributed to the creation of the Latin American Program at Carleton University and its conversion into a Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies.  Dr. Rojas's dedication to her many undergraduate and graduate students, her publication of numerous articles and books, and the professional networks she has created and maintained have made a significant contribution to the field.

CALACS is a diverse and vibrant Canadian-based international scholarly organization that promotes disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching. The Association disseminates and mobilizes knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean and their diasporas through networks and partnerships in Canada and abroad.