We mourn the loss of Dr. Agnes Calliste

Dr. Agnes Calliste, a major scholar in Canadian sociology, political economy, labour studies, historical sociology and critical race studies passed away on Friday, August 31st, 2018.  She spent her academic career in the Sociology department at St. Francis Xavier University, where she mentored and inspired many students and faculty members from 1984 to her retirement in 2010.  

 Professor Calliste's historically rooted work is essential to understand the complex, racialized, and gendered dimensions of the political economy of work/labour in Canada. Her work casts light on the inner mechanisms of racism imposed upon Black workers in Canada, such as Caribbean domestic workers, nurses and sleeping car porters, as well as on their strategies of survival and resistance.  In collaboration with Dr. George Dei, she did much to build anti-racist and intersectional analyses as core aspects of Canadian sociology.

Dr. Calliste made many significant contributions to the knowledge of Caribbean people in Canada, and the development of Canadian and international Sociology and critical race studies.
We mourn her loss.
You can see her obituary here.