Geopolitics of Definitions of Femi(ni)cide and Other Conceptualizations of Violence

Femicide refers to a violent act of homicide due to one’s identification as a woman, whereas feminicide refers to a systemic process that creates the conditions under which gendered violence can occur, such as colonialism. Feminicide is a term coined by Latin American activists concerned with bringing about justice against patriarchal violence that operates in a naturalized way against women and girls in a climate of total impunity.  An important discussion among participants that took place in the v

irtual forum opened up and enlarged the definition of violence beyond aggression occurring in the domestic realm to include the results of long chains of social, structural, and colonial discrimination that commonly affect Indigenous women and their communities. An intersectional approach to the issue captures the multiple and overlapping dimensions of Indigenous women’s oppression as racialized, gendered, and classed subjects as well as the domination, exclusion, and discrimination to which they are subjected by the larger power structure.